Health Services In Turkey

Where there is not adequate technical infrastructure in Erbil or upon patient’s request to continue the patient’s treatment in Turkey, some or all of the patient’s treatment will be performed in the best hospitals of Turkey in Ankara or Istanbul. The patient is given the chance to pick from different alternatives for hospitals and physicians.

Emergency and difficult to transport patients are also transported to Erbil with fully equipped jet-powered ambulance planes. During the transfer of the patient, one physician and one emergency medical technician or paramedic will accompany the patient. Under appropriate conditions, one patient companion can be taken on board of the ambulance plane.

Patients who are in good general medical condition but who are not able to travel on a scheduled flight by sitting or generally without the company of a medical personnel, a stretcher is placed at the back of the scheduled planes with the permission of the airline company and transportation of the patient is provided under the company of a doctor, nurse or emergency medical technician.

If the general condition of the patient does not prevent him from traveling, the patient is transferred to Turkey by plane on a scheduled flight. Patients and their relatives who land in Turkey are picked up in the airport with VIP vehicles and interpreters. If necessary, the patients are taken from the airport by an ambulance and transferred to the hospital where they will be treated.

The hotels of the patient companions are chosen among the prestigious hotels close to the hospital. Our Ankara and Istanbul offices will be in constant contact with the patient, the hospital and the patient companions for all the needs of the patient and the relatives.

As long as you are in Turkey, Turkey Healthcare Solutions will always be there for you.

When you return to Erbil after the treatment, our Erbil Diagnosis and Treatment Center will continue and monitor your treatment in coordination with your hospital and doctor in Turkey.

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