Erbil Diagnosis And Treatment Center

In our medical center located in Gulan Center in Erbil City, Turkish physicians will take medical history of the patients and perform all the necessary examinations to diagnose your diseases, and when necessary, the most accurate tests will be performed with the consultation of our specialists from every medical field in Turkey about your disease, and the samples taken for our tests will be sent to the laboratories in Turkey and Germany on a daily basis and the most reliable test results will be obtained. For this purpose, we work with Synevo (https://synevo.com.tr) laboratories in Turkey and Germany and we also have the opportunity to perform ECHO, Ultrasonography, 12 channel ECG, Holter and Cardiography in our clinic.

We also send images of the radiological examinations to be taken at Erbil external centers to Turkey and provide evaluations by Turkish consulting professors in radiology.

Based on the diagnosis obtained from the results of all tests, analyses and examinations performed, we plan your treatment process together with the best Turkish academic physicians. In this sense, our medical team will be with you in every step of your treatment in our clinic in Erbil.

In our clinic in Erbil, hair transplantation, medical aesthetic and minor surgical procedures are also performed by Dr. Muhammet Özgehan, who was selected to the list of the best 100 doctors of the world by the Doctors Choice Awards (USA) in 2020.

Our patients whose diseases are diagnosed in our Diagnosis and Treatment Center will be treated at our center which has the best operating rooms, intensive care units and patient care units by the physicians from Turkey who are the best in their fields.

The surgical and anesthesia procedures to be performed in Erbil will be conducted by the best surgeons and anesthesiologists in their fields from Turkey; You will have the chance to choose from a large number of consulting physicians who are the best in their fields in Turkey. After the procedure, all our follow-ups will be performed by our Erbil clinic together with the doctor who performed the procedure; all the devices and materials to be used in the surgery will be provided from Turkey and Europe by our solution partner Darmman (www.darmman.com) among the best brands in the world such as Medtronic, Storz, Braun. All drugs, including chemotherapies, will be supplied from US FDA and EMA (European Medicine Agency) approved drugs for our patient by our solution partner Darmman from Turkey and Europe.

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