Ambulance And Patient Transport Services

Turkey Healthcare Solutions offers the safest solutions at the most affordable prices from Erbil to Turkey or Europe.

Air Ambulance Services

A fully equipped jet-powered ambulance plane provides services to Erbil. During the transfer, one doctor and one emergency medical technician or paramedic will be assigned. Under appropriate conditions, one patient companion can be taken on board of the ambulance plane.

The following will be available at the ambulance aircraft or helicopter:

  • Main stretcher compatible with aircraft and helicopter type
  • Fixed aspirator unit
  • 230-volt electrical system inverter
  • Coreplus brand monitor, defibrillator (ECG, pulseoximeter, capnograph)
  • Thermometer (adult and pediatric blood pressure mangon apparatus)
  • Mechanical ventilator suitable for adult and pediatric patient transport (Weinmann Mediocre, PEEP, IPPV, SIMV, CPAP modes)
  • Infusion and injector pumps
  • Portable aspirator
  • Intubation sets
  • All medical equipment, materials and medicines that may be required in emergency patient transport

Transport of Patient by Scheduled Flight

Patients who are in good general medical condition but who are not able to travel on a scheduled flight by sitting or generally without the company of a medical personnel, a stretcher is placed at the back of the scheduled planes with the permission of the airline company and transportation of the patient is provided under the company of a doctor, nurse or emergency medical technician.

In such transfers, there is a monitor, pulseoximeter, emergency kit and all emergency medicines that monitors all the findings for the patient’s condition. If necessary, oxygen support is also provided to the patient with oxygen tubes obtained from the Airline Company.

In such cases, 12 to 24 hours are required to arrange an aircraft capable of carrying a stretcher.

For flights capable of carrying a stretcher, the patient enters the apron with an ambulance and approaches to the back gate of the aircraft and the stretcher is taken to the plane as a with the help of elevator truck.

Such equipment is available at all airports in Turkey. The patient is taken to the road ambulance in the same way at the destination airport.

If the waiting period is too long in connecting flights, the patient is followed up in the clinics at the airport and then taken to the plane.

Patients who are transferred with a medical protection vehicle in a sitting position without a stretcher are taken to the plane with a wheelchair and their boarding and deboarding is performed via elevator truck as well.


We have a fully equipped ambulance in Erbil for use in transports within Erbil and road transports from Erbil to Turkey.

Emergency Aid Ambulances contain medical devices suitable for first responder teams and intensive care transfers.

In Emergency Aid Ambulances, a team of 3 people consisting of a doctor or paramedic, an emergency medical technician and a driver are available.

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